Wired invited me to blow up Reddit!

Wired's Joe Sabia invited me to shoot a video commenting on various accent performances in movies (both good and bad). The resulting (sixteen minute long!) video was released yesterday, and it seems to be blowing up both on Reddit (6520 upvotes as of this writing) and on Youtube (over a quarter of a million views and counting).

I think Joe did a great job editing it, and I think it came out really well*. I'm particularly pleased that the video ends up emphasizing that it's not usually the actor's fault when an accent doesn't come together, and that it's nearly always a question of appropriate support and prep time.

(*Two minor issues—a small editing oversight seems to have resulted in them classifying Tom Cruise's target accent in Far and Away as Belfast. It was Southwest Ireland. And I made an error in quickly researching Brad Pitt's accent in Snatch. In spite of the fact that I'd always thought (correctly) that it was a Traveler accent, I read a piece by his dialect coach on the film (Brendan Gunn) that said they'd initially been targeting Belfast. Definitely my bad.)