Phonetics 101—IPA for Actors

IPA101 square recordings.jpg
IPA101 square recordings.jpg

Phonetics 101—IPA for Actors


Want to get better at doing accents?
Want to learn how to make new speech sounds?
Want to learn skills that will help you breathe life into text?
Speech is a series of physical actions. The sounds are byproducts of these actions.
Phonetics is a way of precisely describing these physical actions.
Should you learn how to do this?
Well, yeah!

This is the full recording of a live streaming webinar. The webinar is specifically designed to be as useful to non-live participants as it was for those attending live. Purchase includes the full set of resources provided to live participants.


In this 3-hr webinar, I’ll teach you the basics of phonetics and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Some of the questions we’ll tackle together:

·      What are all the different possible speech actions?

·      Which languages and accents use these actions/sounds?

·      How can we describe these actions?

·      What are the IPA symbols for some of these actions?

·      What’s the difference between a vowel sound and a consonant sound?

·      What can I use phonetics for? How do I use it?

·      Will learning phonetics make me better at accents?

·      How can I keep learning phonetics and improving my skills?