Modern RP 101—The Basics

MRP101 phonebooth recording.jpg
MRP101 phonebooth recording.jpg

Modern RP 101—The Basics


How’s your Modern RP accent?

Modern RP is one of the most called for accents in film and probably the single most called for accent in theater.

What is it? The RP stands for Received Pronunciation. Traditional RP is the accent you hear from older classically trained English actors, like Ben Kingsley, Helen Mirren, or Jeremy Irons. Modern RP is what you’ll hear from many educated British English speakers today (especially those under the age of forty-five or so).

Traditional RP is still a useful accent to be sure—often what’s called for in period films or plays by writers like Wilde, Shaw, and Stoppard. But if you're an actor under forty-five and you’re playing an English character in the 21st century, Modern RP is what you need.

The webinar is a recording of a live streaming event that took place in June 2017. In it, you will learn specific tools for mastering the basics of Modern RP accents, as well as clear and practical guidance for how to move forward and continue to practice on your own.

(The webinar was designed to be as to be as useful to non-live participants as it was to live ones. Purchases will include the full set of resources provided to live participants.)

N.B. The webinar recording is in two parts. Due to a technical issue the recording of the first half of the webinar cut off part of the screen, so that the instructor—normally visible in a small thumbnail while the main display is of the course material being taught—is often not visible. The problem was resolved for the second half of the recording.


The specifics

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

·      The “oral posture” of Modern RP

·      How to master the most essential sounds

·      The rhythm and melody of Modern RP

·      how to find the perfect model for your personal Modern RP—where to look, what to listen for, and more.

·      how to keep practicing on your own (Practice makes perfect, after all!).