“General” American 102: Building Skills

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GA102 banner - recording.jpg

“General” American 102: Building Skills


Do you feel confident with your American accent?
Are you close to mastering it, but you’re still sometimes asked if you’re from somewhere else?
Do you miss out on American roles because there’s something “not quite right” about your accent?
Are you a non-native speaker frustrated with your progress?

Did you take "General" American 101 and want to solidify and deepen the skills you learned then?
If any of this is you, I’ll be offering help, clarity, and specific tools for moving forward in this webinar.

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    In this webinar, we explore:

    • Some of the trickiest vowel sounds in "General" American
    • How 'r' sounds work when they come after a vowel sound
    • How stress and rhythm function in American English
    • Going deeper into the oral posture of the accent
    • How to warm-up properly to get quicker results

    In addition to the full two and a half hour recording, your purchase includes extensive additional resources to help you perfect your "General" American accent.