Arabic Accents (Full day intensive)

AI8 after the fact.jpg
AI8 after the fact.jpg

Arabic Accents (Full day intensive)


Arabic accents are increasingly called for in film, theatre, and television. Learning the accent right before the audition is not ideal (to say the least!) This workshop will give you everything you need to master this accent, and get a leg up on getting the part!

Arabic has a number of different dialects (really different languages!) This workshop will focus on Egyptian Arabic, the most widely spoken and understood variety, though material describing aspects of some other Arabic varieties will be included as well.

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  • Learn the sound system of Egyptian Arabic
  • Learn some Arabic phrases and native-like pronunciation
  • Learn the characteristic oral posture of Egyptian Arabic—the key to the accent!
  • Learn the basics of Egyptian Arabic pronunciation of English
  • Learn some cultural context to help enliven your imagination and bring your whole self to your accent
  • Leave with extensive audio and written materials to help you continue your progress after the  workshop