I am a dialect coach, a Master Teacher of Knight Thompson Speechwork, a DialectCoaches.com Verified Master Coach and a Certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework. I work on set and off, for productions and for private clients, to help actors successfully realize the voices and accents of the characters they play.

I regularly teach workshops in speech and accents, both to actors and to other voice and speech teachers and professional dialect coaches. Together with my colleagues Phil Thompson and Andrea Caban, I teach a Teacher Certification course in Knight Thompson Speechwork, the gold standard in training for dialect coaches and speech/accent teachers. From 2010 to 2013 I was the Associate Editor for the “Pronunciation, Phonetics, Linguistics, Dialect/Accent Studies” section of the Voice and Speech Review, the peer-reviewed journal of the profession.


My expertise is in the sound systems of languages and accents, and in a process of accent acquisition, allowing actors to inhabit—truthfully, accurately and fully—speech patterns different from their own.

Though I am deeply versed in and have coached a great many accents, this means that I can coach any accent and any language, and is also why you are much better off with a dialect coach than with a native speaker of your target language or accent.


I also work regularly as a voice actor in commercial voice-overs, audiobooks & animation.