"General" American 101: The Essentials

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"General" American 101: The Essentials

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Do you feel confident with your American accent?

Are you close to mastering it, but you’re still sometimes asked if you’re from somewhere else?

Do you miss out on American roles because there’s something “not quite right” about your accent?

Are you a non-native speaker who doesn’t even know where to begin?

The webinar will take place on Saturday, April 15th from 12pm to 2:30pm EST. In it, you will learn specific tools for mastering some of the most essential sounds of "General" American accents, as well as clear and practical guidance for how to move forward and continue to practice on your own.

This 2 1/2 hour webinar is priced at $99, but I want everyone who needs it to be able to attend this class, so I'm offering 50% off for everyone who signs up between now and Saturday, March 25th.

The webinar will be recorded and available after-the-fact as well, so you can take advantage of the early bird discount even if you're not able to attend live.

The webinar will designed to as to be useful to non-live participants as well as live ones. (After-the-fact purchases will include the full set of resources provided to live participants.)

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The specifics

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

·      The “oral posture” of American English

·      The peculiar articulation that is the American ‘r’ sound

·      How to master the difference between the vowels in sheep and ship, green and grin

·      How to master the difference between the vowels in pull and pool, soot and suit

·      How to master the difference between the two different ‘th’ sounds in words like this and thin

·      and several other essential and (often tricky!) vowel sounds.

Whether you’re a Brit, an Aussie, a Kiwi, or a non-native speaker of English, you need to find an American English accent that fits you and your casting like a glove. So we’ll also focus on:

·      how to find your American accent—where to look, what to listen for, and more.

·      how to keep practicing on your own (Practice makes perfect, after all!).